wow it's been a while since this wiki has been updated... and this blog section is pretty old too. 

we need a list of pages that we dont have, even minor characters are important. characters that are part of two are more episodes are even more important.

we also need to start adding relationships to character pages, like Loker's page or Torres's page (but including stuff like family/friend relationships and such if the characters have those), and we need to add more... detailed summaries of what happens to them, so that it looks less like a paragraph summary and more like a, you know, wiki. to use another wiki as an example, the degrassi wiki has a pretty good way of doing it, though i'd rearrange a few things on the page. (examples: becky baker (main character), larissa (one-time character))  we dont have to go to the lengths of a page like "Zoe-Cal Relationship" quite yet, but it's something to think about (examples: huddy, bones and booth, sean-emma relationship ).  

on the subject of characters, other wikis have good pages that we could take ideas from, too. bones has a few good ones (examples: temperance brennan (main character), michelle welton(recurring character)) and house has other good ones (examples: gregory house (main character), melanie (one-time character))

episode pages are pretty lacking, as well? house wiki has a pretty good way of doing episode pages (example: private livesits a wonderful lie) and bones wiki does it a similar way (examples: the prisoner in the pipethe fact in the fiction), though some wikis are organized so that they have a summary and then separate them by plots instead of the order that it happens in the episode. the degrassi wiki does this (examples: my body is a cage (part one)if this is it)

also, id like to ask if its okay with all of you (aka the one person that i saw anonymously edit, aka the first edit not by me (or requested by me, thank u to my friend ping for helping me with code) since june) if i could do these things, and if i could possibly adopt the wiki? (since no administrators have edited since like 2012)

thank you all.