On the first season episode, Unchained, they do a "spot the racist" test. The test shows both a white man, then a black man, and has positive attributes next to the name. Now, supposedly, the person who is most racist will take the longest to assign the positive attributes to the black man.

Now, I know it's a TV show, and that they can't get everything right, but I'm a Political Science major, and I just need to say that the test is sooooo flawed! Simply from a political standpoint.

(1) The first is JFK, a former democratic white president who is long dead because of an assassination. He is still esteemed in this day to be a truly inspiring president, and American Figure.

(2) The second is Barack Obama, the current, democratic, president, who is black. This president entered office in one of the most complicated eras of U.S. history. His approval rating are not-so-good, and his image is still being effected by public opinion, and is still hotly engaged in politics, unlike the dead JFK.

In some of my classes, I learned that people who disagree with or dislike a politician, they find it harder to attrbute positive labels to that specific person. Sure, a republican can say that Barack Obama is inspiring, but if his image came up, and then the word inspiring came up, it would take a little bit longer to link them, since the political opinion of that person is shading their view.

Yes, I'm nitpicking about something very minor. Who cares whether they make mistakes? I just needed to point that out, for my own sanity. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and post on the Star Wars wiki to tell them all that there's not really any sound in space :)