Louise Mason
Placeholder person
Character info
Portrayed by Helen Wassell (in the tape in Depraved Heart)

Paula Malcomson (in Cal's hallucination in Funhouse)

Age 46 at death
Gender Female
Family Cal Lightman (son)

Emily Lightman (granddaughter)

First Seen Depraved Heart (tape)
Last Seen Funhouse (hallucination)

Louise Mason is the late mother of Cal Lightman and the grandmother of Emily Lightman. She committed suicide at the age of 46, and it is through a tape of her that Cal discovered microexpressions .

In LifeEdit

Not much is known about Louise's life. However, we know that when Cal was a child, Louise was in a mental hospital for an unknown disorder. After convincing Doctors of the hospital that she was well enough for a weekend pass to see her children and husband, she commited suicide. We also know that her husband was an alcoholic.

In Lie to MeEdit

Louise, while never formally appearing on the show, is mentioned several times and is a core part of her son's storyline. She first "appears" in the episode Depraved Heart, as Cal is watching the tape of her made just before her suicide. After this, she is mentioned at several points in the series, finally culminating in the episode Funhouse, where Cal hallucinates her and her husband.

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