Emily Lightman
Cal and Emily
Emily with her father Cal
Character info
Portrayed by Hayley McFarland
Gender Female
Hair color Hazel
Eye color Brown
Family Cal Lightman (Father)

Zoe Landau (Mother)

First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Killer App
Affiliation N/A
Emily Lightman is Cal Lightman and Zoe Landau's 16 year old daughter. She occasionally shows an ability to "read" people (with tricks Cal taught her), even her own father. She currently attends high school.

Although her relationship with Cal is very close, Emily did show that she doesn't enjoy Cal's overprotection, especially with her boyfriend's choice.

Emily had shown her intelligence through various occasions.

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Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Cal Lightman

Emily's father. They currently live together.

Zoe Landau

Emily's mother. She currently lives in Chicago (Season 3). Emily often visits her.

Louise Mason

Emily's Grandmother. She committed suicide during Cal's youth.


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