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Gillian Foster
Gfoster 1
Character info
Portrayed by Kelli Williams
First seen Pilot
Last seen N/A
Family Alec Foster (ex-husband)

Sophie (former adopted daughter)

Affiliation The Lightman Group

Dr. Gillian Foster is Dr. Lightman's colleague and co-worker in The Lightman Group. Her husband's lack of candor often challenges her open pact with Lightman: not to let their professional skill interfere with coworker's personal lives. So, when Cal believes her husband Alec Foster is cheating on her, he simply ignores what he is seeing, much to Torres' dismay. However, Gillian and her husband divorce after she realizes that he started taking cocaine again. The woman Cal thought he was having an affair with was his "sponser". Gillian had adopted a baby (Sophie) who was eventually returned to the birth mother. This character is based on Dr. Maureen O'Sullivan, a psychology professor at the University of San Francisco who helped Paul Ekman (of whom Cal Lightman is based on) in the discovery of microexpressions and the creation of The Paul Ekman Group.

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