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Gillian Foster
Gfoster 1
Character info
Portrayed by Kelli Williams
Family Alec Foster (ex-husband)

Sophie (former adopted daughter)

First Seen Pilot
Last Seen N/A
Affiliation The Lightman Group

Dr. Gillian Foster is a psychologist who is Dr. Lightman's colleague in The Lightman Group.

Early LifeEdit

Before the show began, Gillian and Alec adopted a baby, Sophie, who was eventually returned to the birth mother. 

On Lie to MeEdit

Gillian is the Lightman Group's resident psychologist. 


Alec FosterEdit

Alec and Gillian had a loving relationship, even attempting to adopt a baby before the show's Pilot. It was shown several times on the show that he is lying to Gillian about something, and that Cal knows, much to Torres' dismay. However, it is shown that he is not unfaithful, as originally thought, and instead had relapsed back into doing drugs (cocaine). 


Gallery Edit

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