Clara Musso
Clara Musso
Character info
Portrayed by Melissa George
Gender female
Hair color blonde
Eye color blue
Family Victor Musso
First Seen The Whole Truth
Last Seen Bullet Bump

Clara Musso is a young billionaire widower on the series Lie to Me. She is portrayed by Melissa George.


Clara first appears in the episode The Whole Truth. She was accused of killing her husband, Victor Musso, so that she could get his money (an estimated 1.2 billion dollars). However, this was not the case.

We see Clara again in the episode Teacher and Pupils, where she shadows Cal and the rest of the Lightman group on a case, paying him for his time. She also helps the Lightman Group get a loan.

Clara's last appearance is in the episode Bullet Bump


Victor MussoEdit

Victor and Clara are shown to be very much in love at the time of his death. 

Cal LightmanEdit

Clara and Cal seemed to have an attraction for each other, though Cal was looking for it more than Clara.