Alec Foster
Ltm afoster
Character info
Portrayed by Tim Guinee
Family Dr. Gillian Foster (ex-wife)

Alec Foster is the husband of Dr. Gillian Foster and an employee of the US Department of State.

Sometime before the first season, Alec and Gillian adopted a baby girl from Delaware called Sophie. Unfortunately, the birth mother took Sophie away from the couple and things were never the same again. They never talk about this because Alec did not want to and finally Gillian told Cal about how she felt in the episode Do No Harm.

He is also a recovering cocaine addict; he was sober for some time before marrying Gilian Foster but doesn't seem to have told her that. He apparently relapsed sometime around the time of Season 1. He repeatedly lies to Gilian about his whereabouts to hide that, claiming to be working late and covering meetings for the State Department when he's actually meeting with his sponsor and attending Cocaine Anonymous meetings. Dr. Cal Lightman, being protective of Gilian and knowing that Alec is lying, eventually violates his agreeement with Foster to stay out of each other's private lives and follows Alec. Seeing him with another woman, Cal assumes that he's having an affair. (The woman ends up being Alec's sponsor). After Gillian found out about his addiction, they separated and divorced in the episode Sacrifice.

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